Shamans and Shamanism

We welcome many international shamans at Zennergi. These indigenous teachers come from North-America, Mongolia, Puerto Rico, The Netherlands & Siberia and represent the traditional forms of shamanism practiced in their home country. They are willing to share the knowledge and rituals that have been passed on to them from generation to generation.

Each shamanic program organised by one of the indigenous teachers will focus on a different aspect of your shamanic development. The shamans who come to Zennergi are recognised under the quality label “World Master Teachers”.

A summary of our international shamanic program:

  • Organ Massage” – 2 days with Ahamkara
    Massage of the internal organs is an ancient healing method in Siberia which brings transformation both on the spiritual as the physical level. During this 2 day organ massage workshop you will understand the added value this technique brings to you on a personal and professional level. These 2 days are about self-healing. Read more…


  • 7 shamanic death rituals” – 7 rituals with Ahamkara
    Shaman Ahamkara from the Altai mountains underwent these rituals as initiation for his task as a shaman in Siberia. He will guide you during all the rituals who are designed for you to let go of the “old” you so the “new” you can surface. Read more…


  • Master your Emotions” – 8 days with Bulgan Windhorse 
    During 4 weekends you can strengthen your connection with Spirit through the proces of mastering your emotions. Bulgan will guide you in this journey of detaching with your emotions so you can experience realignment with Spirit. Read more…


  • Life without fear” – 2 days with Ahamkara 
    Siberian Shaman Ahamkara will guide you through this intensive 2 day workshop on releasing fears. You will go through several healing rituals where you face and transcend your fears. At the end of the “Life without Fear” workshop you will understand better the structure of anxiety and be given tools to continue building on your experience of self confidence, strength and courage. Read more…


  • Advanced program for intuition & channeling” – 16 days with Elliott 
    How to receive clear messages as a channel is what you will focus on during 4 weekends of intense spiritual growth. Mastership of high level channeling is reached step by step. On this inner journey within Afro-Cuban shamanism we connect with our ancestors and spirit guides, we focus on strengthening our own protective energy field and learn how to differentiate between higher vibrating spirits. Read more…


  • Teachings of the Red Earth” – 9 days with Blue Star 
    Teachings of the Red Earth connects you with the ancient knowledge of the Aboriginals. Since several years Clanmother and Shaman Blue Star is traveling through the Outback in Australia to meet with a special medicine man. Together they do ceremonies for mother earth and now the time has come for the people in Europe to connect with the wisdom of the red earth through rituals and storytelling. Read more…


  • Totem & poweranimal rituals” – evening rituals with Ahamkara 
    The purpose of this ritual is to generate a powerful creative energy and strong protective energy field. You will learn how to work with all four wolves for different creational purposes. Read more…


  • Trauma Healing for Professionals” – 3 days with Chief Dancing Thunder 
    This workshop is intended for therapists, healers or anybody else who is involved with clients who are stuck in their process of trauma healing. During this 3 day intensive Chief and Medicine man Dancing Thunder will guide you into the traditional way of healing trauma’s as it is performed in the tradition of the Susquehannock tribe. Read more…


  • Siberian Shamanic Healer Program” – 14 days with Ahamkara
    During each of the 4 weekends of the Siberian Shamanic Healer program we have a specific topic of Siberian shamanism in the center of our work. During this training a profound transformation for all of you will take place. At the end of the course you will be able to heal yourself and others through the shamanic practices you have learned. You will be able to travel with your dream body to any point in time and space. Read more…


  • Healer Program” – 12 days with Chief Dancing Thunder, Bulgan, Elliott & Ahamkara
    Learn the art of (self) healing from 4 authentic indigenous teachers. The authentic shamans who will guide you through this transformation come from Siberia, North America, Puerto Rico & Mongolia. They have been raised with these traditional forms of healing they inherited from their family lines. Read more…


  • Healing internal organs” – 16 days with shaman Ahamkara & Taoïst instructor Dirkje Veltman
    This education program of healing internal organs is given by Siberian Shaman Ahamkara and Taoistic healer and instructor Dirkje Veltman. During this 16 day intensive practical training you will learn from both the Siberian shamanic tradition as well as the Taoist tradition how healthy organs can be attained through a combination of organ massage, Chi Kung and shamanic rituals. Read more…





Shamans and Shamanism

2018-12-11 15:43:08 by sylvia berrevoets on Shamans and Shamanism
Master your emotions

With stories, a sense of humor, visualisation techniques and so much more took Bulgan, a very generous teacher, me and the group on a journey of teachings and healing techniques, insights and understanding. A new light on emotions in general and how understanding animals can help you grow. Working alone and working together with the group. Building up trust and confidence. For me as a coach and facilitator it was also very rich to learn new elements that I can use during my sessions with clients. Gratitude, love and laughter.

2018-12-11 15:48:44 by Ties van der heijden on Shamans and Shamanism
Shamanic Death Rituals

Visited a few times now, it's incredible what it did to me already mentally but also physically.. I also got a lot of answers with the dreamtravels, amazing!! Such a nice present for yourself people!

2018-12-11 15:54:11 by on Shamans and Shamanism
Teachings of the red earth

Only by reconnecting with the age-old teachings of the indigenous peoples will the children of this planet have a future. Blue Star generously shares this wisdom. It's an honour to enjoy her soul essence and to learn about this wisdom and finally start to embody it and become a multiplicator of it. I wish that as many persons as possible become multiplicators of this old universal wisdom, so one day in a not to far future we will build up the critical mass to trigger the profound change necessary in our society, to come back to a conscious relationship with all that is living, in balance, respect, and love. The past is our future. All my love to Blue Star and the beautiful human beings who were at my side during these 4 week-ends. I remember the prophecy given to me 27 years ago by a shaman in Mexcio : "Follow your path. Your destiny is connected with many others, which are interconnected with each other." It is only now that I can start to explore the depth and width of this prophecy. I express my hope that there will be a "Teachings of the Red Earth" follow-up course !

2018-12-11 15:56:22 by Yen on Shamans and Shamanism
Healers Advanced

It is a big blessing to be able to receive teaching from Chief Dancing Thunder. He is truly Wisdom keeper of the ancient knowledge, knowledge of Eternity. Thank you Eva and Michael for the warmth home coming welcome and arranging the delicious lunch. Looking forward to the next workshop by Chief - Pow Wow.

2018-12-11 16:01:27 by Annette Pedde on Shamans and Shamanism
Trauma Healer

He came, taught his teachings... and then everything changed.

2018-12-11 16:02:48 by Annette Pedde on Shamans and Shamanism
Master your emotions

A subtle yet very powerful tool of connection, to oneself and to our co-beings in the Multiverse, and transformation, through the heart and a true sense of fraternity. There's one sentence that will stay with me forever : "It's not important who you were. It's important who you become." Thank you, Bulgan. My love and gratitude goes to you, my beautiful inspiring teacher.

2018-12-11 16:04:57 by Ludo Simons on Shamans and Shamanism
Shamanic Death Ritual

Since november 2017 I have participated in 4 death rituals with Ahamkara. He is a great guider in these rituals. It has transformed my believes and perception of myself and life. I am very greatfull that he give this lessons in Europe. I hope you have a good expierence two. Go for it!

2018-12-11 16:06:37 by Marion Demanet on Shamans and Shamanism
Healer Program

I feel so blessed and really gratefull that I had the chance to follow this Healer program at Zennergi . It is such a gift that these Teachings are available in Belgium It is a very authentic course where you have the oppurtunity to learn and discover again your Healing capacities. We had teachings from 4 pure authentic Sjamans from all over the world, North America, Mongolia, Siberia, Puerto Rico and it so unique to discover that they all work with the same source. A life time experience that has chanced my life. This teachings give me a real guidance to continu on my Healing path. If you search for pure and honest people and Teachings then is Zennergi your place to be. Thank you Eva and Michael and thank you Chief,Bulgan,Ahamkara and Elliot. From the heart Marion

2018-12-11 16:08:27 by Yen on Shamans and Shamanism
Healer program

I am eternally grateful to all 4 compassionate teachers for not only sharing the wisdom and healing knowledge from their individual traditions, but also giving us healing sessions through rituals. I am especially touched the many rituals by Chief Dancing Thunder. The teachers have guided me to reconnect with my real self - without inner dialog and intellect - with beings of other unverse and my ancestors, which I never knew its importance before to make those connections. From them, I have learnt the true meanings of Healing. I feel blessed that I was able to attend this course.

2018-12-11 16:11:57 by Judita on Shamans and Shamanism
Healer Program

There is always more to life than it appears to be... Those were the words that my grandmother said to me when I was in my teenage years. Deep in my heart I knew she spoke the truth. Rather than accepting her invitation to start the sacred way of learning about the ancient wisdom, I chose not to, simply, because of fear and being labeled as "different". I grew up in a culture were the ancient ways of living were "tabu" for a long time, and my family members lived and practised it in secret. Later on in life, after her death, I asked my father about my faith: he looked at me silently, and then said: " I will say nothing. When the time will be right, you will get there." And..., of course, I did. My awakening took me on a very twisted path- full of devastation, loses, challenges, and all sorrow that could happen to a young human being who tried to figure out life, and why it unfolds in this particular way... The answer I got came quite late, but I knew for sure- it was the right one- I have always felt that there is a profound support from above and bellow, that enabled me to rise above all the challenges, and to become who I am now- forgiving, loving, healing human being... A couple of years ago, in one of my visions, I had an encounter with a medicine man from American Native tribe. He took me to one of the caves where we both sat at the fire. He looked at me and said:" Patience, you are almost there. Practice patience and silence. Connect to Earth mother and the natural environment. Feel and see yourself as one with all relations. You will be called when the time is ripe." Since that day everything changed... It happened last spring. I was browsing through the Facebook pages, and here it was- an advertisement about Zennergi and the Healing programme where the workshops were given by experienced world wide respected and known Shamans like Chief Dancing Thunder, Elliot Rivera, Bulgan and Ahamkara. Without even given a thought I signed in, for I remembered the words of an American native medicine man:" You will be called when the time is ripe." These sacred knowledge and wisdom keepers gave me all that I was looking for, and ever desired- the ways to rediscover, layer after layer, my true authentic me; it encouraged and taught me how to re-member my true Universal and Earthly origins; Now I can look at all that is with my eyes wide open, my heart being at peace and harmony, and most of all, being sincerely happy with myself, and the task I was given since my birth. Before I put the final stop to my story I want to express my biggest gratitude to Eva, Michael and Michael's mother. Thanks to them I felt like,finally, being home. They are the most humble and sincere hosts I have ever met. " Thank you all. You make my soul smile.

2018-12-11 16:13:09 by Ilka Souvereijns on Shamans and Shamanism
Healer Program

This healer program has touched every essence of my being.

2018-12-11 16:15:05 by Anja on Shamans and Shamanism
Healer Program

In a sacred moment of time to reside in togetherness and unite in the infinite realms a divergence in existence a treasure to expand into endless love I bow in gratitude to all those present side by side during the many months - the seen and the unseen. I bow in love.

2018-12-11 16:16:25 by Annette Pedde on Shamans and Shamanism
Healer Program

Reconnects to Spirit. Blows the mind (away). Opens the heart. Transforms the body.

2018-12-11 16:18:32 by sylvia berrevoets on Shamans and Shamanism
Organ Massage

Ahamkara is generous in sharing his knowledge. He has a calm en unperturbed way of explaining. His English easy to follow. The massage of the internal organs is a gift in itself. You feel relaxed, the functioning of the whole body seems to improve, and I find it a pity that I do not find the time to do this every day of the week. Never knew that by massaging the organs pains in the rest of the body are disappearing too, like the stiff neck of my brother. Everything is so connected that even chronic pains could diminish or even disappear. And not to forget that all this takes place in the beautiful and inviting place that the kind, talented and warm hosts Eva and Michael created.

Shamans and Shamanism
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Gedurende het hele jaar verwelkomen we verschillende internationale sjamanen bij Zennergi. Deze Indigenous teachers van Noord-Amerika, Mongolië, Puerto Rico, Nederland & Siberië vertegenwoordigen het sjamanisme dat uit hun traditie komt en laten ons kennis maken met oeroude rituelen en bijzondere kennis die van generatie tot generatie zijn doorgegeven.