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Looking for some time to relax or a spiritual deepening? Then put the following activities in your agenda! For a complete overview and online reservations explore “Activities” or “Agenda”

healer program: 4 shamans – start may 29-31 (purmerend – 5 weekends)

trauma healer: chief dancing thunder – june 12-14 (purmerend)

Life without fear: ahamkara – may 30-31 (bilzen)

Download here the complete Program overview of Zennergi Belgium (Bilzen) & The Netherlands (Purmerend) 2020-2021” 

Are you interested in renting our loaction, workshop room or treatment room? Send your request to info@zennergi.com

Purmerend Zennergi
Chief Dancing Thunder Zennergi

Healer Program” ~ 4 indigenous teachers (start: May 29-31 – 12 days)

With this unique program you will learn about “healing” from 4 indigenous World Master Teachers who represent “healing” in their tradition.

During 12 days you will receive teachings from Chief Dancing Thunder (N-America), Elliott Rivera (Puerto Rico), Bulgan (Mongolia) and Ahamkara (Siberia) while you will undergo serveral transformational rituals to be activated as a healer.

Click on “Healer Program”  and discover more about this unique program.

Bear ritual zennergi

Totem & Poweranimal rituals” ~ Shaman Ahamkara (Siberia)

Activate your personal talents through the totem rituals and awaken further on your life path. The power animals bring healing and balance while they reflect your own unique gifts and qualities.

Click on “Totem & Poweranimal rituals” and discover what to expect of the Bear ritual (march 1; Purmerend), Snake ritual (May 23; Purmerend), Deer ritual (May 3rd; Purmerend & May 30; Bilzen)

World Master Teachers Shamanism – Zennergi Bilzen Belgium

Indigenous Teachers from Mongolia, Siberia, Puerto Rico & North America 

“World Master Teachers” is a worldwide quality network of “indigenous teachers”.

Through the practice of ancient shamanism which is world heritage for all people one can learn to deeply understand the world we live in.

Click here on “Shamans & Shamanism” to get a short overview on our shamanic programs.


Golden eagle festival, Altai Mountains tour hiking & horse riding expedition

February 28, 2020

September 28-October 8, 2019: Immerse yourself in the heartland of uniquely captivating images. Untouched virgin landscape, snow capped mountain ranges, big lakes and rivers, wild...

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Mongolia’s mystical Tsaatan: Spirit of the Reindeer Herders

February 28, 2020

August 15-29, 2020: Together with Indigenous Shaman Bulgan Windhorse you will travel through the Northern Mongolian Siberian Forest ‘Taiga’. During this trip, you will visit...

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Trip to Altai Mountains in Siberia

February 28, 2020

July 3-11, 2020: Bus trip to Siberia - Altai Mountains with Siberian Shaman Ahamkara. Experience shamanic rituals, connection with power places and nature.

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