Hiking trip through Ancient Glaciers and Petroglyphic Complexes of the Mongolian Altaï – Bulgan and Ahamkara

Augustus 3- 14, 2022:
“Altaï mountains are one of the best walks in Mongolia and even one of the best in the entire world”.

Traveling through this spectacular landscape gives you the opportunity to interact with local nomadic families and experience their unique culture that has been preserverd in this remarkable and isolated part of the world. This trip will bring you to the magnificent Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. This region is home to snow-capped mountains, glacial valleys, forests, rivers, petroglyph sites, and lakes, where they create a majestic setting.

Altai Tavan Bogd  (Holy Five Peaks) 
The name “Altai” means “Golden Mountain’ in Mongolian. It is one of  the last untouched wildernesses on  Earth. This large mountain system is  located in the extreme southwest of  Mongolia has borders with  China and Russia. Altai Tavan Bogd  (Holy Five Peaks) has five high   
peaks, the highest peak at 4374  meters, that are connected with  each other by three large glaciers.  The largest glacier is the Potanin  
Glacier, which is 17 km long.
The Biluut Petroglyph Complex 
Between the high peaks of the Mongolian Altai, you can  find the Ancient Glaciers and Petroglyph sites. These unique rock paintings are inscribed  on the UNESCO world heritage list. There are  three sites, where these ancient rock  paintings can be found. One of the sites is  Tsagaan Salaa’s rock paintings which are cover 15 square kilometers. We can see about  10000 paintings on the rocks that scatter  the southern part of the white river,  ”Tsagaan Gol”. This important collection  of pictograms dates back to a large period  going from the Paleolithic to Bronze Age.
Travel Schedule & Itinerary

Day 01:  Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Day 02:  Flight to Ulgii City and drive to the Altai 5 Bogd National Park

Day 03: Hiking, exploring through the Biluut-iin semi-desert of White River

Day 04: resting, journaling and exploring the nomadic life, herding yaks.

Day 05: hiking and reaching to the Altai 5 Peak, ritual take the place

Day 06:  resting, journaling and exploring the nomadic life, herding yaks.

Day 07: Drive to Withe Salaa Vallei

Day 08:  Hiking through the semi-desert of White Salaa Vallei

Day 09:  Hiking through the semi-desert of White Salaa Vallei

Day 10:  resting, journaling and exploring the nomadic life, herding yaks.

Day 11: Drive back to Ulgii City and flight back to Ulaanbaatar City

Day 12: Departure


Price: €2950 – Max 12 participants

Duration: 12 days, 11 nights

Registration will be until 01 Aug 2022. 

Apply for a visa: info@mongolianspiritualtours.com



-an invitation for a visa to Mongolia.

transfers during the trip

2-night hotel (for before we go to the Altai and come back from the Altai)

-9 days’ food (only vegetarian food will be offered, but for those who would like to have gluten-free or meat can be arranged)

-9 days’ accommodation (yurts, bed, mosquito net, shower, flushing toilet)


– International flight

– visa to Mongolia- € 80

Extra information:

info@mongolianspiritualtours.com ; windhorses@yahoo.com ; www.mongolianspiritualtours.co