7 Shamanic Death Rituals

The shamanic death rituals of Siberian Shaman Ahamkara are about welcoming a new cycle while letting go of the past. The rituals teach us how to let go and come to closure to welcome your rebirth. Just like you end your day – “the small death” – and get born with new opportunities next morning. Every ritual brings transformation on a specific aspect of life and prepares you for the big transformation, the moment of “death”.

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Shamanic Death
The shamanic death has it’s origins in ancient rituals of many traditions. In Siberia, the ritual has been used specifically for shamans. The Elders stretched an animal skin between four trees. They left the shaman alone in the woods on this skin that hung high above the ground. When it was time, they came back to him, and thus he had got his initiation as a shaman. The ritual opened many channels in him, so that he was ready for his task as a shaman.

Nothing ends without a new beginning. When you’re ready to let die in yourself the old parts, then you will be able to create a new adventure in your life.

If you want to have a deep experience of the shamanic death, if you want the contact with the spiritual world and to have a happier life, you have to go through all the seven rituals. You can follow these rituals in the order of your own preference or chose only the ones who resonate with you.

Ritual 1: (Bilzen: September 8)

Change your perspective on life, let go of old patterns and open yourself to your higher capacities. Create a new way of life and get in touch with your spirit helpers which will can give strength to you and show you the spirit world. Heal the relation with your physical body by letting go of it.

Ritual 2: (Bilzen: October 4)

At this level, you will change your relationships. You learn to connect on a higher level with all of your relationships. You will express what has not yet been said and asking for and giving forgiveness. This ritual will open your heart and canhelp you to feel deeply connected with everything. Nobody can hide something within this ritual.

Ritual 3: (Bilzen: February 22 & November 15)

Death and rebirth in cooperation with the spirit of the mountain. This ritual is held in a cave. Blocked energies are transformed and healed so that you can receive higher spiritual knowledge. This can take you to a higher level of development. Your life can change very soon, it will never be the same. This ritual increases as well your telepathic, intuitive knowledge and receiving capabilities. .

Ritual 4: (Bilzen: March 29)

Go through the gate of your personal suffering. Let loneliness, sadness, madness, ego, addictions, diseases, jealousy, insecurity and other habits behind you. We travel through the shamanic world to Erlik, the protector of the past. Then we go to the future and set goals for our new life and our new tasks. This ritual can open the third eye and can help to predict the future.

Ritual 5: (Bilzen: May 17)

This evening we go to the forest to prepare our death. We will look back on our lives and be buried in sand and leaves. We will do this in spirit, dreamtime, not physically outside. Transform your stress, your blockages into freedom, joy and fun. Open for greater opportunities to interact with nature spirits and increase your energy to the level of a shaman.

Ritual 6:

Chadir (sweat lodge) of death. This is the home of the death. The ideal place get in touch with the spirit of death. It is better to be befriended with him, than to flee him. This ritual can cleanse you of karma. After this ritual you see the world with the eyes of a child.

Ritual 7: (Bilzen: May 27-28)

Complete transformation and knowledge of past lives, youth, shamanic journeys,, to the flow of life, journey to the marshes of the shamanic world. Dive deep into the world of Erlik, of release and transformation. What happens to your soul after death? All the channels that you need for a new destination can be opened for you. You’re ready for your mission. Your life purpose is understood and supported by many spirit helpers. You’ll be alone with yourself, nature and the spirit world. This is a special experience that you can provide yourself to get more insight your abilities, your emotions, your life purpose and the world of Erlik.

Practical information:
Teacher: Siberian shaman Ahamkara & Michael Star Stone
Price ritual 1-5: EUR 60 (per ritual; 2h)
Price ritual 6: EUR 100 (3-4h)
Price ritual 7: EUR 300 (2 days from 10h-17h, excl. food & optional stay in retreat house Bilzen)
Dates Bilzen: All ceremonies have been canceled due to visum problems
Payment: Cash
Submit: via “submit” (right upper) or via info@zennergi.com (the rituals can be booked separately and/or followed in a random order)
Address Bilzen: Brugstraat 30, 3740 Bilzen, Belgium
Address Purmerend: KC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, Nederland (Amsterdam)
Contact: via info@zennergi.be (preferably) or +32488473033
Free parking: See contactpage (C.C. De Kimpel, eikenlaan 25, Bilzen)
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7 Shamanic Death Rituals

2018-12-11 15:48:44 by Ties van der heijden on Shamanic Death Rituals
Shamanic Death Rituals

Visited a few times now, it's incredible what it did to me already mentally but also physically.. I also got a lot of answers with the dreamtravels, amazing!! Such a nice present for yourself people!

2018-12-11 16:04:57 by Ludo Simons on Shamanic Death Rituals
Shamanic Death Ritual

Since november 2017 I have participated in 4 death rituals with Ahamkara. He is a great guider in these rituals. It has transformed my believes and perception of myself and life. I am very greatfull that he give this lessons in Europe. I hope you have a good expierence two. Go for it!

7 Shamanic Death Rituals
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