True Temple Teachings

The road to personal leadership and living our best life starts with a shift in consciousness. We arrive in a new dimension, a totally new version of ourselves with breathtaking new options. Then we enter the field where the rubber hits the road. It takes courage to let this new version behind the stearing wheel. The outcome is unassured. We are in uncharted territory. But we learn by experience and gain confidence. Then there comes a periode of persistence. We go back and forth, and this can drive us nuts. Doubt can kick in again. Knowing that this is coming, we can support ourselves by creating an anchor to remind us to hold the line. I was pretty worn down from my yearlong journey of following my purpose. And of course another miracle happened. I found the temple teachings to make it through my spiritual fatigue. I was introduced to pure alchemy. I get stronger every day. Holding the line has become a privilege and a joy again. It is the purity and simplicity of the message that does it for me. It is YES or NO. No stories anymore. You go right to the source!