White Swan Moon Lodge

The White Swan is a keeper of knowledge and Ceremonies aligned with the Feminine Principal.

Dreams came together of Corinna White Bear and Eva Morning Star to share true wisdom of the White Swan. White Swan shared the message through our dreams to bring back the knowledge of creation through the feminine principle. Knowledge can be remembered from our own lineage through authentic ceremonies guided by Corinna White Bear and Eva Morning Star.

The power of women is to create & our power lies in the knowledge that resides within us.

Creation is the power of  birthing life  through us, we are creation itself.

In our moon lodge we reconnect and discover the primordial feminine nature and the knowledge we hold for creation.

Grandmother white Swan, is the grandmother of Eva Morning Star who was a wisdomkeeper of many traditional ceremonies and as a teacher and healer she was sharing knowledge of the White Swan during her life here on earth.

The teachings and ceremonies are shared through principles of Beauty, Joy, Creation and Empowerment. These principles are the source foundation of all the ceremonies and teachings.

We would like to invite you to remember your own true abilities through connection with the medicine of the moon. To embrace the creational abilities we have as woman taught through knowledge, sound, dance, art and sharing.

We welcome you during one of the evening ceremonies so you can experience the true knowledge of the White Swan to bring back the power of Creation, Healing, Joy and Beauty.

Corinna White Bear

Corinna is a healer, ritual dancer, and artist. She teaches women and mixed groups of all generations through dance and follows her call to create dance ceremonies. In her work she teaches knowledge of her own ancestral lineage about healing, rituals, the primordial feminine and the medicine of dance and art.

She is a student of Chief Dancing Thunder, Lama Tsültrim Allione and different South American Traditions. Her dance journey to dance for the water and in eldest landscapes around the globe had been fundamental to recover knowledge of her own ancestral lineage coming from Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle.

Eva Morning Star

Eva Morning star is a Wisdom keeper, healer and lightworker raised in an ancient traditional way by her grandmother and Father from North America.

She shares wisdom from the ancient source of knowledge, works with sound, voice and guides you through your own natural abilities to see, feel and know. Awakens your true being with alignments to your own lineage of knowledge.

Practical information:
Teachers: Eva Morning Star & Corinna White Bear
Price: EUR 65

Participants: min 8- max 14
Start: 19h30-22h (Purmerend on friday); 10h30-13h (Purmerend on sunday)
Doors open 15 min. before start
Reservation: Via “Inschrijven” or info@zennergi.com.
Payment: in cash
Extra: bring comfortable clothes (yoga mats & pillow are present). It’s a traditional medicine lodge, not a sweatlodge.
Contact: via info@zennergi.com (by preerence) or +32488473033
Address Purmerend: Kanaalstraat 10, 1441 KE, Purmerend

White Swan Moon Lodge

2024-04-23 11:44:34 Door Marieke Janssen over White Swan Moon Lodge
White Swan Moon Lodge

Dankbaar en stil ben ik na the White Swan Moon Lodge. The white swan medicine voelde voor mij zo bekend en het was fijn om er mee in contact te komen en de diepe connectie te voelen en zachte kracht te voelen. We hebben ons ook verbonden met de maan, dit was voor mij minder bekend en heeft me veel informatie en inzichten gegeven waardoor de white swan nog meer aanwezig kan zijn. De ceremonie was helder en krachtig en de integratie door te dansen zacht en krachtig. Nog nooit eerder de kracht van vrouwen en dansen zo natuurlijk ervaren. Dank Eva en Corinne voor de puurheid, de zorgvuldigheid en het zo mooi afstemmen op de groep. En meer dan dankbaar dat ik erbij mocht zijn dat dit medicijn gedeeld is.

White Swan Moon Lodge
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  Open Time Close Time Trainer Adres
6 september 2024 19:30 22:00 Eva Morning Star Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, Nederland
25 Oktober 2024 19:30 22:00 Eva Morning Star Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, Nederland
8 november 2024 19:30 22:00 Eva Morning Star Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, Nederland
13 december 2024 19:30 22:00 Eva Morning Star Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, Nederland