Women in dance, drums & ritual – A calling of Mother Earth (2 lesdagen)

This 2 day teaching “Women in dance, drums & ritual” takes you on a journey into the roots of dance and rituals and teaches you about dance as a path to embodied wisdom. We focus on the fundamentals of dance medicine and dance in ritual in order to gain a comprehensive understanding about the wisdom of the body and to reconnect tot he inherent knowledge through the dancing body.

This feminine approach of learning through the body has its roots in our ancient traditions and opens a creative pathway of understanding life and cosmos. The teaching bridges between ancestral wisdom and ancient traditions and actual practices of movement and dance that are easy to follow.

In the different dance practices and dance rituals, we explore our own rhythms and movements and we can experience dance as a medicine. Here we open our body to healing, transformation and transmission to awaken our creational powers. Through this we gain an understanding of the wisdom of dance in ritual and can come to a comprehensive understanding of our own medicines.

To experience the medicine of dance and your medicines through dance is a profound journey into the core of healing and rituals.

During these teachings you will experience dance rituals and various dance practices through different topics:


  • the medicine of dance
  • healing and transformation through dance
  • receiving and unfolding
  • our body in dance, primodial rhythms and movements
  • bodily expression and sensations
  • womb wisdom and feminine ancestral lineages
  • inner listening, inner wisdom
  • bodily remembering of the feminine in rhythm, sounds and movement
  • the awakening of our primodial rhythms
  • mother nature & the awakening of the feminine aspects
  • the elements and totems
  • the sun & the moon
  • dance in nature and in sacred places
  • light codes

On Sunday afternoon we will prepare a common dance ritual were I will share my dance with drums.

For whom?

  • women of all ages, beginning at the age of 20
  • no experiences required
  • bring your drums, djembes
  • practical workshop in dance with additional teachings and sharings
  • all dance practices are easy to join
  • all practices allow to experience women dance rituals in depth and create a profound foundation to hold dance rituals together
  • musicians and singers are always welcome to join, please get in touch with me

Praktische informatie:
: Corinna Didjurgeit
Prijs: EUR 290 (excl. Lunch)
Betaling: cash
Deelnemers: Min. 8
Start: Zaterdag 10u-20u; Zondag: 10u-19u
Taal: Engels
Inschrijven: rechtsboven via “inschrijven” of info@zennergi.com
Contact: via info@zennergi.com (bij voorkeur) of +3248847303
Adres Nederland: KC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend

Women in dance, drums & ritual – A calling of Mother Earth (2 lesdagen)


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