Whale Totem Teachings

Yesterday i participated in this healing-day and it was amazing. I did not really know what to expect but i just felt that i needed to be there. Just by seeing the picture of the whale. Right from the start i felt connection, with the other participants, with Karine and with the spirit of Whale. I had never experienced this before. For me it was so clear what i needed to learn and i felt safe to let go of old fears, believes and ‘stories”. Through different rituals i could connect again with who i am deep inside. I felt it, i saw it and i knew it. From the beginning of time and space. I literally reconnected in my brain again with the purest form of light and i was overwhelmed with the light-codes that came into my system and healed me all the way to my DNA. I am very grateful for everything i received yesterday and want to thank Karine and the others. For all the wisdom, the clarity of my purpose and the deep connection i felt. I hope more people dare to take this step because i really believe this is what the world needs.