Shamanic crystal breathwork ceremony

During the Shamanic breathwork healing ceremony you will receive profound healing. First you will receive all the practical information you need to fully experience the breathwork session. Every Shamanic breathwork healing ceremony is centered around a specific alignment with a shamanic medicine. To open the body you will do some light physical exercises.

During the second part of the ceremony you consciously breath in and out intensively towards the medicine. During this active part of the ceremony Michael Star Stone & Karine Diamond Dragonfly will take you through an intensive breathwork ceremony for 30 min. After this you will fully relax and dream for another 30 min. in the healing light of the medicine and the beautiful dream music. This is the moment of profound realizations and light transformations, also called healing.

Preparation for this healing ceremony:
The ceremonial alignment is done in conjunction with a powerful breathing technique. You are invited to start the ceremony the day before by adjusting your diet and consume light meals. The day itself it is recommended to not eat 2 hours before the start of the ceremony and only drink water and relaxing tea. Please read the “terms and conditions” for participating in the breathwork healing in “terms and conditions” at “medical situations”.

Practical information:
Teacher: Michael Star Stone
: EUR 60 in cash
Take with you: blanket and blindfold
Participants: Max: 10
Start: 19h30-22h00
Language: Dutch & English
Reservation: via “submit”
Contact: via
Address The Netherlands: KC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend
Address Belgium:
Brugstraat 30, Bilzen

Shamanic crystal breathwork ceremony


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