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This disclaimer applies to all services provided by Zennergi VZW and her associates. Zennergi VZW is based in Bilzen 3740, Brugstraat 30, Bus 1.1, Tax number 0642 708 736.

By visiting the website of Zennergi, World Healing Traditions or using its information you agree to the conditions stipulated in this Disclaimer. In case of contradiction among the conditions of specific products, services ordered by this website and this Disclaimer the conditions of our products and services prevail. Zennergi is the company name and “World Healing Traditions” stands for different old and new traditions all over the world who teach people to be into a state of oneness, connection and love.

Payments, Submissions & Cancellations

  • Inform Zennergi directly about any change in personal data or other information that can be relevant. Zennergi is not responsible for the consequences and the costs caused by not mentioning this information.
  • To participate in any activity it is required to make an online booking through the online booking system. You will receive a booking confirmation letter in your email inbox. If this is not possible or a booking confirmation is not received, please submit or contact via our email info@zennergi.com.
  • The early bird discount is valid in case the deposit has been paid before the early bird discount date.
  • In case an agreement for spread payments has been reached between a participant and Zennergi, the participant agrees to pay the total amount, even if the participant decides to stop participating in the program.
  • When canceling an activity the participant informs Zennergi as soon as possible. Costs that occur by not living up to these conditions are entirely for the account of the participant. You hereby possibly denie the participation of other participants.
  • Zennergi has the right to cancel any activity in case of an insufficient amount of participants, unforeseen circumstances or other important reason, without being held responsible for costs made by the participants. It is advisable for participants to always include cancelation fees with reservations made linked to the Zennergi activities. Zennergi will inform participants as soon as possible in case of cancelation.
  • Restitution for missed or canceled activities due absence of the participant is not possible. Transfer of the deposit or participation fee to another name is possible in case the activity has not started yet. Other possibility is participation in a possible future edition of the program. In case of pregnancy, unexpected death, or other urgent circumstances possibilities for restitution can be negotiated.
  • The conditions as subscribed in the booking confirmation mail at the section “extra information” as well as the information at “practical information” at the webpage are valid.
  • All important practical information is available at the designated activity page for which one has subscribed. For further information or in case of doubt, please contact Zennergi at info@zennergi.com or 0032 488 473 033.
  • The payment is the form of exchange chosen for the personal development one will undergo. This does not provide the right to pass forward the content unless unmistakenly allowed by the provider.


  • Zennergi has the right to change the information on its website, including the text of this Disclaimer, at all times, without any announcement. We recommend to verify regularly the information provided on this website for any changes that might have occurred.
  • Zennergi has the right to change or cancel the opening hours, closing hours and class time tables without providing any rights to the participant. Cancelation happens through the website and/or announcement via mail or sms.

Exlusion of Liability

  • Zennergi is not liable for the damage or lose of property of the participant.
  • Zennergi is not liable for any physical injury forming before, during or after an activity.
  • Zennergi provides its space to third parties as a temporary use. Zennergi is not liable for the content of those activities within its spaces, nor the consequences that come forth from it, whether these activities have been promoted by Zennergi or not.
  • Zennergi is not liable for the consequences of allergic reactions to catering or use of drinks and snacks. The participant is requested to mention intolerances, food allergies or other food related issues before the start of an activity and reminded just before the usage. The consequences for not living up to the request is for the participant. Zennergi provides a basic menu for some of the activities. In case for specific health reasons the participant can not enjoy this, the participant is requested to provide their own lunch, without receiving a price reduction on the participation fee.

Medical situations

  • For any form of regular medical health care (art. 2 of the KB nr. 78), such as the screening and research of a medical health situation, the research of illnesses or disorders, making medical diagnoses, executing treatments for a pathological situation and giving injections or vaccinations, we advise to see a certified medical doctor.
  • Participation in one of the activities of Zennergi is at own risk. Respect your personal boundaries and do not force yourself. You are and remain responsible for your own wellbeing.
  • In case of health issues consult a doctor if participation to one of our activities is advisable. If not, we advise not to participate.
  • Inform Zennergi and its teacher before participating an activity about any possible health issues (e.g. high blood pressure, moon cycle, muscle or joint injuries,…) or any other physical or mental/emotional complaint (e.g. depression, bipolar syndrome,..). We expect correct and complete information about your personal background in order to grant or deny possible participation. Consequences of any kind due to not informing us is for the participant.
  • Cease any continuation of activity with complaints (e.g. pain, cramps, dizziness, nausea,…) and inform the person guiding the activity or any other person of responsibility. Follow the advise of the teacher (as long as it is not in conflict with the above mentioned points) and ask further questions if something is not clear.
  • Nothing stated on this website or during one of the activities at Zennergi replaces the professional and medical advice or treatments. All activities are at most a support, and not a replacement, to regular classical health care.
  • Before participating in breathwork activities please coordinate with your physician to determine if participation is appropriate. Participation is at your own risk if prior coordination has not taken place. Examples of contraindications are: pregnancy, asthma, epilepsy, problems with retina or optic nerve (glaucoma), uncontrolled high blood pressure, Cardiovascular disorders (incl. prior heart attack), mental disorders (e.g. manic disorders, bipolar, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorders, paranoia, psychotic, depersonalization, etc.. ), stroke, TIAs, brain/neurological disorders, arterial problems, use of blood thinners, when hospitalized for psychiatric conditions or emotional crises within the past 10 years, Osteoporosis or physical injuries that have not yet healed, acute somatic or viral illnesses, Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD II & COPD-III), Chronic illnesses with symptoms of decompensation or terminal illnesses, indivdual intolerance to oxygen deprivation, cancer, when physical or psychological symptoms develop such as dizziness, pain or dissociation, migraines, hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), heart problems, thrombosis sensitivity, diabetis, low impulse control, or when participating in medical experiments. Before participating in these intensive breathwork activities, we recommend that you contact your doctor, especially if any of the above apply to you.

Information about third parties, products and services

  • When Zennergi shows hyperlinks to third party internet sites, it doesn’t mean Zennergi recommends their services or products. The use of these hyperlinks is at the visitors’ own risk. Zennergi doesn’t accept any responsibility or denies any liability regarding the content, the use or availability of such internet sites. The truthfulness, correctness, reason, reliability and completeness of information of such websites has not been verified by Zennergi.
  • Zennergi promotes spiritual travels organized by third parties. Not in any way Zennergi is responsible for the consequences of the lack of correctness or incompleteness of information that is presented on the webpages that promote these travels.

Use of this internetsite

  • The information provided on this website can not be used as any of advice. Decisions taken based on this information is the responsibility of the user.
  • However Zennergi tries to provide correct, complete and actual information from reliable sources, Zennergi does not imply or garantue that the information provided on this website is correct, complete or actual.
  • The information provided on this website is primarily focused on the belgian customers.
  • Intellectual property rights: Zennergi, or the rightful owners, hold all rights to (e.g. domain names, brand rights, patents, copy rights or other intellectual property rights) all information provided on this website among which the texts, grafics and logos.

Applied law

  • The Belgian law is applicable to this website and Disclaimer. All disagreements related to this Disclaimer will be presented to an appointed judge in Belgium.

© 2016 Zennergi All Rights Reserved.

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