Kundalini Yoga

Passionate about Kundalini Yoga Diasy welcomes you on one of her weekly group sessions where consciously breathing and moving together with the use of healing sounds help you towards a deep inner peace. Practitioners from all levels are welcome at any time! Please mail yoga4everybody2@gmail.com for reserving your seat.

Because of reasons of hygiene we – temporarily – request to bring own yoga mats & blankets. If you don’t have your own yoga mat, please bring a towl to cover the ones that you can use from Zennergi. Thank you in advance.

Practical information:
Price: EUR 12 (per session)
Subscribe: Please mail yoga4everybody2@gmail.com for reserving your seat.
Payment: Cash
Level: Beginners, advanced: everyone can hop on anytime
Facilities: Changing room, Floor heating, Free Lounge & Tea Corner
Required: Easy clothing (yogamats, blankets & cushions are provided)
Open Doors: 15 min. before start classe via main entrance (streetside); entering without ringing
Suggestion: if possible no meals until 1 hour before the session for optimal effect.
Contact: info@zennergi.be
Parking: See Contact
Important: You are the master of your body, no one else. Please inform the teacher in case of injuries.

Kundalini Yoga


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