Online course: Healing way of the Siberian shaman

The healing way of the Siberian shaman is an online course program of 102 lessons and 24 interactive online group webinars. These meetings are divided into 7 blocks in which you will learn about ancient Altai wisdom with the purpose of learning about siberian shamanic healing.

This course is for you if:

  • You are interested in the rituals of the Siberian shamans
  • You want to learn how to bring healing in a situation of illnesses
  • You are interested in esoteric knowledge inherited from ancient cultures
  • You want to become a healer and treat people with unconventional methods

What you will learn from this online course:

  • Conduct rituals, enter into a trance and contact with the spirits
  • Use the power and energy of the spirits
  • Rid yourself and others of suffering, disease and addiction
  • Receive information, images and visions from the world of spirits
  • Travel in the subtle body of dreams in time and space
  • Purify the internal organs using the body of dreams
  • Find and use places of power
  • Create protective fields and amulets
  • Improve the energy of the home
  • Build good relations with relatives through the purification of family ties
  • Achieve your goals and embody the desire
  • Purify personal and family karma
  • Determine the purpose of a person with the help of shaman astrology

And as a result you will:

  • Understand why problems come and how to avoid them
  • Begin to heal the diseases of the gross and subtle body
  • Get the spirits answers, knowledge and wisdom
  • Find your purpose and fully reveal your potential
  • Get an endless source of energy and inspiration
  • Find inner harmony, joy and self-confidence

Convenient Learning Format:

  • Classes at home, in a comfortable environment
    You do not need to spend time in traffic, or go to study in another city. Pass lessons at home, or in any place convenient to you.
  • Get answers to your questions
    Throughout the course, you are accompanied by a curator. If you have any questions about the material, home assignments, or the technical part – just make your comment under the video tutorial and get an immediate answer.
  • At any convenient time
    Keep your pace – measured, without haste. Training is easy to combine with work and household chores.


Content of the program:

  • Block 1: Shamanic trance / work with the soul Sur
    You learn to go into trance, using breathing techniques, singing, dancing and the use of the drum. You use the trance to develop your skills, to become more sensitive and more intuitive. In order to work with your dream world you will activate your dream body, named Sur. In this block a shamanic healing ritual is done to heal the body
  • Block 2: Bow of Tengri
    In detail the shamanic mandala (the map of the world or Bow of Tengri), the Gods Erlik, Umai, Ulgen and Tengri and the five human souls Koet, Sur, Tess, Bos, Ayi are explained. You will get the knowledge of the World Tree and the river of life that connects the shamanic worlds. In addition, you get the knowledge about the power of the shamanic objects used for healing, such as the hamuz (mouthharp) to get into a trance; the drum spirit helpers and shamanic costume (Manyak) that gives you strength.
  • Block 3: Central World, goddess Umai and power Koet
    Umai is the goddess of the middle world. She provides protection against evil spirits. We are talking about the shamanic soul Koet and how you can quickly and easily achieve your intentions and desires and achieve success and prosperity in life. To develop this soul we work with the spirits of the elements of earth, water, fire and air. You learn how to work with power animals and to receive and use their knowledge and power.
  • Block 4: In these two days you will meet several Siberian spirits
    You learn magic and power objects, talismans, holders of spirit helpersThe spirit of success: by connecting to these spirits you can achieve a great success
    The spirit of the family: keeper of harmony and mutual understanding
    The spirit of the family (Kormesj): connection with ancestors
    The spirit of a place (Ajami): the guardian spirit who gives a feeling of happiness and delight
  • Block 5: Underworld, the past and the god Erlik
    You make a shamanic journey to the underworld to make your family tree clean and help yourself, your parents and family. In the underworld you can find lost strength back, so that health can improve. Tess, the soul connected with the underworld, is full of negative emotions from past experiences. In order to be able to heal we need to clean it first.
  • Block 6: Upper world, the future and the god Ulgen
    With a shamanic journey to the world of the future, the upper world, you will change your personal life and relationship positively in the future. After the blessing of the god of the upper world, Ulgen, you’re able to create the future to your own wishes. You go to the shamanic wish tree, an ancient ritual to fulfill wishes. You learn to work with your soul Bos which makes it possible to change destiny.Of course you are going to work with the spirits of the upper world and learn the art of predicting.
  • Block 7: The world of Eternity, the god Tengri
    In this last section the Great God Tengri, the god of the higher world of karma, the creator of the universe and the divine individuality is introduced to you. We also will make contact with spirits of the planets, alien worlds and civilizations. According to the Siberian shamanism you will achieve the highest possible level of consciousness on earth when you arrive on the shores of Tengri.You develop as the five components of the mind: memory, logic, imagination, consciousness and attention. We do a shamanistic ritual to purify karma. In these last two day you will wake Ayi higher soul which makes it possible that your life purpose, destiny and mission on Earth is revealed. It is therefore time for shamanic astrology, cosmic wisdom to influence the destiny and the development of the shamanic vision.

What is included in the Online Course Package:

– 7 Modules within 12 months
– 102 Lessons for 15-20 minutes + Summary
– Home Assignments, its Check and Expert Feedback
– Support Chat For Answering the Questions & Motivation
– Master Class on Throat Singing
– 24 Interactive Group Webinars
– Shamanic Name

How is the training:

– Online training: You can study at home or in any convenient place. The whole course is filmed and edited in video format
– Homework after each lesson: Tasks are required to achieve the maximum effect of learning
– Course curator support: He will help you complete your homework and answer all questions
– Course curator support Access to private chat minded: The opportunity to share experiences with other students and an expert.

Practical information:
Teacher: Ahamkara
: EUR 1450
Payment: after registration bank details will be provided in the booking confirmation.
Start: february 24, online
Language: English
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Online course: Healing way of the Siberian shaman


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