Midwinter lightritual

For the ancient cultures Midwinter on December 21st was an important event in daily life. They called it the birth of the new light.

From that day on the days would become longer and more lively. Many cultures, among which the Druids developed rituals to honor the light of our own spirit. Through these rituals our spirit would get awakened and remembered in its calling. You would say goodbye to the past year and welcome the year that lies ahead. The light ritual was for the whole tribe. Everyone would make the jump to the new, together, in harmony.

We, the family of Zennergi & shaman Blue Star, would like to welcome you warmly to join us for this special light ritual to honor yourself in the light that you are and to give yourself the courage to jump through the fire/light into the new beginning.

Practical information:
Teacher: Shaman Blue Star
: EUR 55
Date: December 21, 20h-22h
Payment: cash
Subscribe: via “Submit” or info@zennergi.be
Level: All levels
Facilities: Changing Room, floor heating, Free Lounge & Tea corner
Extra: Easy Clothing (yoga mats, cushions & pillows are provided)
Doors Open: 30 min. before start, via main entrance (streetside)
Address: Brugstraat 30, 3740 Bilzen, Belgium
via info@zennergi.be (preferably) or +32488473033
Free parking: See contactpage ( C.C. De Kimpel, eikenlaan 25)
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Midwinter lightritual


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