Intro siberian shamanic healing

Meet and greet Siberian Shaman Ahamkara during this informative evening on the subject of his long term teaching program “Intensive Siberian shamanic healing education”. This 14 day intensive program will start on 19-21 of october and will end on may 3rd 2020. During this evening you can expect several transformative teachings about the 4 big Siberian Spirits followed by a healing dreamritual. This evening provides the possibility to get to know Ahamkara and ask questions related to this longterm program.

Preview of Ahamkara’s longterm and  reviews of participants of 2018 edition (starting from 7 min. 44sec)

Practical information:
Price: EUR 40
Payment: cash
Participants: min. 12 – max 25
Date: september 6
: 10h-17h
Subscribe: via “Submit” or
Level: Medium & Advanced
Facilities: Changing Room, floor heating, Lounge & Tea corner
Extra: Easy Clothing (yoga mats, cushions & pillows are provided)
Doors Open: 30 min. before start, via main entrance (streetside)
Address:Durgerdammerdijk 76, 1026 CG Amsterdam
via (preferably) or +32488473033
Free parking: See contactpage ( C.C. De Kimpel, eikenlaan 25)
for suggestions see “hotels


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