Exploring ancestral DNA with Whale Totem

Karine Diamond Dragonfly is delighted to invite you to a workshop exploring our ancestral DNA with the totem medicine of the Whale. The whale is a central power animal recognized, honored and respected in many traditions. As a compassionate, solitary creature, the whale is closely associated with wisdom and awareness of the spiritual realm. The whale spirit animal is the earth’s record keeper for all time.

The whale as a power animal blends the conscious and unconscious.  Dreaming with the Whale takes us on a journey of deeper awareness, inner navigation, purification and transformation with the power of her song, dive and breathwork. Whale is an excellent navigator and reminds that you are capable of learning what you need to know in order to succeed. Whale will simultaneously show you how to dive deep within yourself to bring to light any limiting patterns and also reconnect you with ancestral gifts enabling you to develop your creativity and imagination to live an enchanted life here in the “real world”.

This transformative workshop includes journeying with drums, sounds and breathwork.

Contra indication: shamanic journey is suitable for all, but the breathwork in the afternoon is not suitable for pregnant ladies or people suffering from heart or lung conditions, epilepsy, psychosis.

Karine Mouflin is a biodynamic craniosacral  therapist, breathwork coach, she is also an energy healer/shaman from different traditions (Tibetan, Māori, Native Indian, Siberian) working on trauma and transgenerational healings. Since 2014 Karine has been following long term shamanic paleolithic knowledge from Chief Dancing Thunder, and assisting in Temple Teachings ceremonies.

Practical Information:
EUR 140 (excl. 20 EUR lunch in Bilzen)
Online via “Submit” or via info@zennergi.com.
10h – 18h (doors open 30 min. before start)
November 5 (Purmerend); November 26 (Bilzen)
Beginners & advanced
via info@zennergi.com (bij voorkeur) or +32488473033
Address Belgium:
Brugstraat 30, 3740 Bilzen, Belgium
Address The Netherlands: 
KC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, The Netherlands

Exploring ancestral DNA with Whale Totem

2022-11-19 13:58:51 by Lucienne on Exploring ancestral DNA with Whale Totem
Exploring ancestral DNA with whale totem

Yesterday i participated in this healing-day and it was amazing. I did not really know what to expect but i just felt that i needed to be there. Just by seeing the picture of the whale. Right from the start i felt connection, with the other participants, with Karine and with the spirit of Whale. I had never experienced this before. For me it was so clear what i needed to learn and i felt safe to let go of old fears, believes and 'stories". Through different rituals i could connect again with who i am deep inside. I felt it, i saw it and i knew it. From the beginning of time and space. I literally reconnected in my brain again with the purest form of light and i was overwhelmed with the light-codes that came into my system and healed me all the way to my DNA. I am very grateful for everything i received yesterday and want to thank Karine and the others. For all the wisdom, the clarity of my purpose and the deep connection i felt. I hope more people dare to take this step because i really believe this is what the world needs.

2022-11-20 13:33:23 by Anna Van Deth on Exploring ancestral DNA with Whale Totem
Exploring ancestral DNA with whale totem

I did the whale workshop with Karine. Before I went, the whale came and visit me. I had a sense that the ocean wisdom and ocean animals are hidden, but they have so much we can learn from them. Also I was very touched by their acientness. The connection was already open because i and other participants saw a rainbow before starting. The experiences where build op very strongly by Karine, with original whale sounds, connecting by breathing and touching our hidden layers. I felt gratefull and could really let go of sticky feelings that de whale was showing me. I hope we will keep stay in touch.

Exploring ancestral DNA with Whale Totem
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