Expansion with Whale and Dolphin Spirits

Karine Diamond Dragonfly is delighted to invite you to 2 days of exploring the totem medicine of the Spirits of Whales and Dolphins.

Karine is a biodynamic craniosacral  therapist, breathwork coach, she is also an energy healer/shaman from different traditions (Tibetan, Māori, Native Indian, Siberian) working on trauma and transgenerational healings. Since 2014 Karine has been following long term shamanic paleolithic knowledge from Chief Dancing Thunder, and assisting in Temple Teachings ceremonies.


DAY 1 : Conscious Listening and Deepening with the Whale Spirit

Whales keep the archives and memories of the earth in two ways: first in their DNA, in their very large cellular mass, and secondly in their songs, which are very elaborate and contain a lot of information. These songs are very long and cover a lot of frequencies. The whales are clairaudients, quite telepathic, very psychically developed, and they can hear very low and high frequencies. The whale teaches the ability to listen; to have access to universal information and intelligence. A good measure of silence and conscious listening is required to hear very deep messages. The whale can help us to achieve this essential receptivity. Whale is exposing your need to disconnect from distractions and step back from what you think you are meant to do and instead, spend more time delving deeper into your subconscious and connection to Spirit so that you can discern what your true path really is.

DAY 2 : Fun and Play with the Dolphin Spirit

Dolphins are masters at communication, using a complex structure of clicks and whistles. Dolphins represent communication and the ability to advance to supernatural levels. They remind us to be playful and friendly and to not keep our guard up but to use our skills to be protective of those who need it. The dolphin spirit reminds you to look for opportunities for collaboration based around shared goals, values, and interests and where you can relax and have fun and joy with like-minded individuals who also stimulate you. Consciousness of Whales and Dolphins comes from a planet near Sirius to keep the archives of our planet and humanity. They remind us of our galactic mission to protect and enhance all life on earth.

This transformative workshop includes journeying with drums, sounds, breathwork, transdance. Contra-indication: shamanic journey is suitable for all, but the breathwork is not suitable for pregnant ladies or people suffering from heart or lung conditions, epilepsy, psychosis. Please inform the teacher upfront for alternative technics.

Practical information:

Teacher: Karine Heartfire
EUR 330
English (Dutch translation possible)
Start: 10h-18h
October 7-8 (Purmerend)
cash, before start
Contact: via info@zennergi.com (bij voorkeur) or +32488473033
Adress Belgium:
Brugstraat 30, 3740 Bilzen
Adress the Netherlands: 
KC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend

Expansion with Whale and Dolphin Spirits


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