Freeing your authentic voice

Join vocal explorer, yoga teacher and internationally acclaimed soprano Laura Bohn on a 3 part journey of “freeing your authentic voice” to understand, embrace, and liberate your voice. In order to receive her personal invitation for this 3 part longterm group program she first welcomes you on a 2 day introduction weekend of “freeing your authentic voice”.

What is your voice? Is it a vehicle of communication? A traveler? a channel? a mystery? Is it a paint brush for sound? a bird? a diamond in the rough? Where is your voice? Is it in your throat? Your belly? your head? all around you? Locked up inside? For many of us our voices carry the imprint of old memories, traumas and belief systems about our worth and value. For others the voice is a mystery which we are ready to explore.

Praktische informatie:
Teacher: Laura Bohn, Internationally acclaimed Soprano, vocal explorer & yoga teacher
: EUR 290 (2 lesdagen, lunch excl.)
Betaling: voorschot via overschrijving. Het rekeningnummer ontvangt u na Online “inschrijven”. Het resterende bedrag in cash of via overschrijving voor aanvang van de 1e lesdag. Gespreide betaling mogelijk. Gelieve aanvraag te sturen naar
Data: 5-6 juni
Deelnemers: Min: 12 – Max 18
Start: +- 10u – 17u
Taal: Engels
Inschrijven: rechtsboven via “inschrijven” of
Extra: gemakkelijke kledij (dekens, matjes en kussens aanwezig)
Contact: via (bij voorkeur) or +32488473033
AdresKC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, Nederland
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  Open Time Close Time Trainer Adres
5 juni 2021 10:00 17:00 Laura Bohn KC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, Nederland
6 juni 2021 10:00 17:00 Laura Bohn KC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, Nederland