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We can organize a Team Building event made-to-measure for you. This consists of a mixture of numerous activities like: laughter yoga, concentration- and breathingtechniques and quick-fix anti-stress exercises combined with sound, kinesiology and muscular focus. Furthermore we combine shamanic drum- and meditation exercises with kundalini yoga sessions in order to create a Team Building to be remembered!

Options for your Team Building

For your made-to-measure teambuilding event you can choose from:

  • Yoga & Meditations: Yoga, Mindfulness, Breath Coaching, Dynamic Meditations, Sound & Laughter Yoga, Breath Walks
  • Relaxation: Dreamtime Healing Concert®, Singing Bowl Concert
  • Stress Release exercises: energetic quick fix exercises for body and mind which can re-establish your true state of inner peace

Why organise a Team Building event with focus on health and well-being?

Research shows us companies have huge costs because of absenteeism of employees. Most common causes are burn-out, presentism, absenteeism, increasing stress levels and work pressure, less performance, concentration problems and lack of personal motivation.

Make a difference by becoming the workplace of the future and creating an inspiring context where employees can show and integrate their best qualities and talents, feel positively challenged in a supportive environment and excel in their individual fields of work

Motivated and committed employees are fundamental for the succes of your company. Keep your most valuable asset in your company and attract new talent through focus on personal growth and wellbeing. Be inspired to become more than a place where people come to work for monthly wages and you will be ready for a bright future!

Research on investment in well-being of your personnel shows:

  • improving performance and productivity
  • more job satisfaction
  • less effort to attract and retain High Potentials
  • higher level of focus and concentration
  • increasing motivation
  • increasing creativity
  • more involvement
  • reducing costs for absenteeism and presentism


3events organises teambuildings made to measure for big and small groups. Together with Zennergi we organised an event for more then 100 employees of Ebema. Integrating health and wellbeing related activities in teambuildings become more popular with events & teambuildings. Zennergi is with its extented offer the ideal partner to provide in those needs in an original and professional way. – Birger (Company Owner)

Insurance office Nulens: Even after several days our employees where stil talking about our teambuilding event at Zennergi. We were a huge variety of personalities and each one of them enjoyed the relaxing moments.
We didn’t know what to expect from this part of our teambuilding organized by Zennergi. But we came to the conclusion it was a pity that we didn’t extract more time for Zennergie.
Next to an al the new things we learned we had an interesting moment of information sharing and practical exercises. Most intriguing were the Quick-fix exercises. It was intended as “homework to use in stressful moments” but we apply this still! – Claudia Nulens (Boardmember)

Safety coördination bureau Thijco BVBA: It is not an easy job to organize a fun and interesting teambuilding event for a small group of people. But Zennergi did a fantastic job! The enthusiastic supervisors and a beautiful setting exeded all expectations! The whole team is grateful for this experience, Thank you! – Leen (administrative responsable)

Michael Geurts, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Coach and Trainer

As an MBA student he graduated with honors at the Brussels University (HUB) and he specialized in “Change, Innovation & Creativity Management”. After his studies he traveled all over the world in search of alternative methods to facilitate change and transformation of individuals. He did research from Peru over India to Nepal and attended numerous trainings and further education on “The technology of consciousness. He was not only surprises about the scientific elements that were and still are so important but also about the many techniques that are not excepted by Western countries as “evidence-based”. But most of all the simplicity and effectiveness of these techniques were true eye openers! Passionate about bridging the scientific world and the holistic knowledge he co-funded Zennergi. A space that facilitates made-to-measure workshops, group classed, specific courses and much more.

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Team Building

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"It is amazing how Eva and Michael were able to bring me and my colleagues into deep relaxation in half an hours time with sounds, we slept much better days after the team event. For company who are looking for way to de-stress their staffs instantly and collectively, Dream Healing Concert is definitely a must-have to be included in Team event!"

Team Building
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