Siberian Shamanic Healing

During each of the 3 weekends of the Siberian Shamanic Healing we have specific topics of Siberian shamanism in the center of our work at Zennergi. During this 12 day training a profound transformation for all of you will take place. At the end of this course with Shaman Ahamkara you will be able to heal yourself and others through the shamanic practices you have learned. You will be able to travel with your dream body to any point in time and space.

Full video Ahamkara on “Siberian shamanic healing” and reviews of participants of 2018 edition (starting from 7 min. 44sec)

Day 1 & 2: Shamanic Trance and Healing with the Dream Body
This weekend you experience what trance is, how to get into and what you can do with it. Trance has a healing effect on the body and the mind. To work in the dream world, you activate your dream body (Sur). At this weekend a shamanic healing ritual for the body will be done as well, which is healing all organs. You learn as well how to diagnose as a shaman and you will give and receive a shamanic healing massage.

– Meeting your individual Tin Bura (Spirit of deep Trance).
– You will learn drumming techniques: how to hold the drum and how to get the rhythm.
– You experience how to work with your dream body and how it can transform into an
animal through the dance.
– You will experience the healing of your organs by the use of the dream body.
– You will learn different massage techniques, how to contact the 4 Big Spirits and how to
balance the energy.

Day 3 & 4: The 4 Big Spirits
During this course the shamanic mandala, the map of the spiritual world of Siberian shamanism, will be discussed in detail. You will get to know the Big Spirits Erlik, Umai, Ulgen, Tengri and the five human souls Coot, Sur, Tess, Forest and Ayi. Such knowledge will help you to live a life the way you want. You’re going to find your spirit helpers, so that you can ask them for help in your life from now on. You will also go to the World Tree and the River of Life that connects the four shamanic worlds.

– Experience the shamanic Tree. Make contact with heaven and earth, the upper and
underworld through the shamanic tree, the line in the center is stationary.
– Learn how to create your own rituals, that you need or that can serve you.
– You come into contact with your spirit helpers.
– Ritual for blessing of spiritual power objects.
– Meet the five souls, that every human has.
– Experience the four high spirits and feel the connection between their worlds.

Day 5 & 6: Protection, Balance and Harmony 
Umai, the Spirit of the Middle World, between Upper and Lower World. Umai is the goddess of the middle world, represents the here and now, gives protection against evil spirits. For the development of your personal power, we work with the spirits of the elements earth, water, fire and air. You will learn how to work with power animals and how to receive their knowledge and power, how to use it. A shamanistic ritual for expelling evil spirits is also a part of this weekend.

– We will make amulett for protection of your home.
– You will get a blessing in the yurt of Umai.
– You learn how to increase your personal power.
– You experience the massage of balance and harmony.
– You experience the healing with the energy of Umai.
– You will achieve transformation ritual by swimming in the lake rejuvenation.

Day 7 & 8: Make Contact with Spirit Helpers of the Shamanic World
In these two days you will meet several Siberian spirits:
• the spirits of success: by connecting with these spirits you can achieve great success
• the spirits of the family, connection with ancestors

– Meet the spirits of Ajami, the spirit of the place where you had been born.
– You will make contact the spirit of happiness for more happiness in your life.
– Travel in contact with the great spirits of Siberia and enjoy their support and blessing.
– You will get to know how to make contact with spirits of nature and feel their healing.
– You will learn how to ask for help of the spirits by shamanic prayer.
– You will receive healing from your personal spirit Ajami.

Day 9 & 10: Transformation and Cleansing – the Big Spirit Erlik
You make a shamanic journey to the underworld. In the underworld you will find lost strength back, health can improve that way. You work with the spirits of the underworld to save yourself and others from pain, suffering and depression. Also for releasing negative habits such as smoking, alcohol and drug use, you need the spirit of the underworld. To be a powerful shaman, we ask the blessing of the spirit of the underworld, the preserver of all shamans, Erlik. With a shamanic ritual we cut the ties with the past and become born again.

– You will receive the healing of the Erlik spirit and travel into the past.
– Experience the blessing of the spirit Erlik. Feel the power of transformation for yourself or
for someone else.
– Learn the Fish symbol that stands for memory and learn to deal with it.
– Soul retrieval, shamanic soul work.
– Cleansing of negative habits and attachments.

Day 11 & 12: The Big Spirit Ulgen – Creation of the Future
In this block you will be using a shamanic journey into the world of the future, the upper world, to establish positive changes in your personal life and relationship. After the blessing of the god of the upper world, Ulgen, you will be able to create your future according to your own desires. You then go to the shamanic desire tree, an ancient ritual to make wishes come true. You learn to work with your soul Forest, which allows people to influence their fate.
You will also work with the spirits of the upper world and learn the art of predicting and shamanic divination.

– You get to know the nine levels of the sky. You make a journey to the upper world and
meet the spirits of heaven.
– You experience the oracle ritual, you make contact with the sky and bring your positive
message to the people.
– You meet the wish tree. Learn how you can make your wishes become reality.
– You learn how to give and receive a massage of the upper world: bring positive light and
energy to yourself and others.
– Learn a new way to make wishes come true. By planting seeds new
opportunities grow.

Day 13 & 14: The High Spirit Tengri – the world of the Night Sky, the Universe
This last section introduces to you the great spirit Tengri, the spirit of the higher world and of karma, the creator of the universe and the divine individuality. Contact to this spirit Tengri will transform you into a demigod, will give you special powers and abilities. Also you will make contact with spirits of planets, alien worlds and civilizations. According to Siberian shamanism you are at the highest possible level of consciousness on earth, when you reach the shore of Tengri.
In these last two days your higher soul Ayi will awake and make it possible that your life purpose, destiny and mission on earth is revealed. It is time for shamanic astrology, the cosmic wisdom and to develop your shamanic vision.

– In a dream ritual you will make contact with the center of the universe.
– You will learn how you can increase your consciousness.
– You will experience the healing of the world of the Night Sky.
– In a dream ritual you will become one with the Universe.
– Using the shamanic astrology you make contact with the Spirits of the planets.

Praktische informatie:
Teacher: Siberian Shaman Ahamkara Fox Arrow
Weekend 1: 725 EUR, Weekend 2: 725 EUR, (Weekend 1 & 2 has 3 extra evening ceremonies). Weekend 3: 580 EUR.     Lunch & dinner: EUR 35/day
Zennergi retreat:
Possibility to stay in our home retreat based on donation. Contact us via for your reservation. There are 12 beds divided over 5 rooms.
Dates 2022-2023: NEW
: Weekend 1: September 29-October 2,  Weekend 2: November 17-20, Weekend 3: February 23-26
Participants: min 10
Start: 10h-17h
Language: English
Submit: via “Submit” or
Facilities: dressing room, floor heating, Lounge & Tea corner
Payment: deposit to reassure your submission. Rest is due in cash on first class day. The account number will be provided in the automatic reponse when subscribed. Spread payments are a possibility. Please send your request to
Language: English
Address Belgium: Brugstraat 30, 3740 Bilzen
Contact: via (preferably) or +32488473033
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Siberian Shamanic Healing


  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
23 February 2023 10:00 17:00 Ahamkara Bilzen, Brugstraat 30, Belgium
24 February 2023 10:00 17:00 Ahamkara Bilzen, Brugstraat 30, Belgium
25 February 2023 10:00 17:00 Ahamkara Bilzen, Brugstraat 30, Belgium
26 February 2023 10:00 17:00 Ahamkara Bilzen, Brugstraat 30, Belgium