Sacredness of water

Dear friends,

This is an invitation to know more about the sacredness of water and the sacredness of life.

An opportunity to realise your are a co-creator of everyting that exists.

You will activate light codes, healing codes and dreaming codes of the water.

Water is one of the fastest responding elements of this earth and since you yourself are 72% of water…

Why not learn about the amazing potential that you can generate through and with water.

What you will learn during these days:

  • Testing energy while changing the energy
  • Power of different intentions in water
  • Channeling of healing codes, light codes and dreaming codes. How to program and test them.

Water is infinite and so are you.

Lets start and use it.

Hope to see you join us.

Shaman Blue Star

Practical information:
Teacher: Blue Star, medium, Shaman and Clanmother of the Susquehannock tribe
: EUR 270 (lunch excl.)
Date: februari 19-20
Start: 10h – 17h
Participants: min. 8– max. 20
Language: Dutch/English
Submit: via “submit” or
Payment: cash
Contact: via (bij voorkeur) or +32488473033
Adres: KC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, Nederland
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“You are the one who makes everything possible, you can obtain everything as long as you make space. You are the engine of your life”