Healing internal organs (2 weekends – 8 days)

This intensive 8 days (2x 4 days) about healing internal organs is given by Siberian Shaman Ahamkara. Within the tradition of Siberian sjamanisme you learn to keep internal organs in optimal health through organ massage. During this practice based education program of 8 days you will learn through diverse massage techniques and shamanic rituals to create a positive impact on the physical health, the emotional balance and the spiritual growth of yourself and your client. This program is both for the purpose of self healing as well as for professionals who would like to learn new techniques. During this program you can chose to stay in our Zennergi Home retreat.

Demo organ massage Shaman Ahamkara:

During this program you will receive more insights into the optimal working of your organs. When organs are overloaded and cause tension in other parts of the body you will learn to treat this through various methods. During these 2 weekends the following topics will be addressed:

– Organ massage: reinforces the bloodflow through the organs which enable body and mind to attain a natural state of relaxation. Your power center shifts from your head to your belly which helps you to stay close to yourself and be authentic. Diverse forms of healing will be experienced such as stretching, cupping, massaging of the psoas muscles and honey massage

– Shamanic rituals: they help with the integration of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of the healing

– “The navel”: The navel and organs related to the digestive system are treated as “the source of vitality”. These organs influence each other and create a warm, soft belly that brings you closer to yourself.
– “Heart and kidneys”: Together with massage of the psoas muscles and a shamanic ritual to transform fear into giving love will boost your grounding.
– Massages of the liver, gall, blatter, pancreas, intestins, stomach and spleen.

Mantak Chia (Taoist Master Teacher) about health organs

For whom?
This program is accessible to everyone who would like to know more about healthy organs, who would like to deeply cleanse their own organs or who would like to develop as an organ healer. Especially for masseurs, healers, shamans and body therapists this program opens up a deeper layer of understanding.

By who?
This program is given by Siberian Shaman Ahamkara who was trained by Alexander Ogulov in the expertise of organ massage.

Practical information:
Teacher: Siberisch Sjamaan Ahamkara
Price: EUR 1200
(8 days, lunch excl)
20 EUR/pp/day (lunch) & 15 EUR/pp/day (dinner)
Zennergi retreat: Possibility to stay in our home retreat based on donation. Contact us via info@zennergi.com for your reservation. There are 12 beds divided over 5 rooms.
Payment: deposit to reassure your submission. Rest is due in cash on first class day. The account number will be provided in the automatic reponse when subscribed. Spread payments are a possibility. Please send your request to info@zennergi.com.
Dates 2023: new dates available soon
Participants: min. 12 – max. 18
Start: 10h – 17h
Submit: via “Submit” or info@zennergi.com
Extra: easy clothing (yoga mats and pillows are available)
Contact: via info@zennergi.com (by preference) or +32488473033
Address: Brugstraat 30, 3740 Bilzen, Belgium
Hotels: for suggestions see “hotels

Healing internal organs (2 weekends – 8 days)


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