Online Ashtanga yoga

Welkom bij de Online Ashtanga yoga les van Mara Lugeni uit Italië. Gedurende 1u15 min begeleidt ze je in een actieve asthanga yogales op maandagavond van 18u tot 19u15. Op dinsdag vindt de online les plaats van 19u tot 19u15.

Voor de trouwe aanwezigen zijn er ook speciale kortingen waarbij je voor 30 EUR/maand elke week 1 les kan volgen of voor 45 EUR alle lessen/maand kunt volgen. De lessen zullen in het engels doorgaan.

About Mara
Mara started practicing Yoga in Vicenza (Italy) in year 2014.
Her path towards this discipline was initially focused on a physical approach. Realizing then that there is a lot more to discover beyond physical postures, she began to practice and study Ashtanga Yoga, also called The Yoga of the Breath.
Day after day she became more and more passionate about this practice, which radically changed her life on and off the mat.
In 2016 Mara obtained an Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (200 YTT) in Goa (India).
After a period of selfstudy and intense practice, she started to teach in her hometown and to organize some seminars and Yoga retreats.
She also started to teach Yoga to children and kids.
She continues to keep her practice up to date by attending seminars, workshops and retreats and, since 2016, Mara has been going to India (Goa, Kovalam- with Lino Miele, Mysore- with Vijay Kumar) every year to keep her contact deeply rooted with the land of origin of Yoga, where she has the opportunity to deepen techniques of Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Vedic Chants and study other sacred texts.
In May 2019 she obtained the first level USUI REIKI RYOHO certificate, in Vicenza.
In October 2019 she finished her first year of NATUROPATHY studies, in Florence.
In December 2019 Mara also obtained a diploma of THAI MASSAGE in Mysore (India) to increase the knowhow oriented to the physical benefits of her students.
Now she is living in Riemst (Belgium), where she is developing a project to share her knowledge and experience and to spread the seeds of this enlighting disciplines and lifestyle.

Praktische Informatie:
Teacher: Mara Lugeni
: 8 EUR/1 online les, 30 EUR/1 online les/week gedurende 1 maand of 45 EUR/2 online lessen/week gedurende 1 maand
Dagen & uur: maandag van 18u-19u15 en dinsdag van 19u tot 20u15.
Taal: Engels
Inschrijven: online via “Inschrijven” of via
Betaling: via overschrijving. Na het inschrijven ontvang je een boekingsbevestiging met het rekeningnummer en de zoomcode om de les te volgen.
Niveau: Beginners & Gevorderden; Iedereen kan ten alle tijde mee instappen
Contact: via (bij voorkeur) or +32488473033


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