The 13 Creative Moons – Women’s dance evenings

Dancing through the year. A homecoming into our bodies, the rooting and embodiment of the feminine principle and the reconnection to our creative moon cycle though dance. 

We go on a dancing journey to awaken our bodies and creative life forces. In deep listening and sensing we allow our body to unfold. Dancing we open to our different sensations and explore our feelings, to embody what is in the moment of our dancing present. Supported by the nurturing, earthy drum sounds, we awaken our inner drums to root within and merge with the empowering rhythms of life. In motion, we reconnect and give birth to the many expressions of ourselves.

Over our evenings, we align dancing with the lunar phases to get to know our creative cycles. We listen to our needs and belonging while we open to the different qualities that the moon brings. In motion we discover our inner landscape that aligns us back into the feminine principle. Here we can experience the various unifying and unique aspects of us women, and the deep connections we have with the earth on which we dance.

“To dance together is an empowering pathway to experience ourselves and to become of who we are, while we embrace ourselves in all our rhythms, feelings, sensations and experiences.”

Why embodiment? Why it is important to fully be grounded and present: connected and attuned in spirit, heart and will. Rooted in our physical beings allows our life forces to freely flow through us. From here we can find trust into our own, coming home into our womb and body. This allows to navigate more creatively though life changes and transformations.

The 13 creative moons refer to the thirteen moons in a year and the changes of our creative powers according to the different phases during a month. In alignment with their original rhythm, we weave back the origin principle of time. In it, we give birth to ourselves and to all our creations. Here we can experience the cyclical and creative nature of us women.

With my work Into A peaceful Future I like to bring women of all generations back to dance and invite them to participate in the creation of dance ceremonies. Within this, I open a creative and empowering pathway to learn about the feminine and the power of dance, to retell the feminine back.

Practical Information:
Teacher: Corinna White Bear
: 25 EUR/session or 125 EUR/6 sessions
Date: every monday evening
Start: 19h30-21h30
 min. 6
Submit: “submit” or; no experience required
Payment: cash
Extra: easy clothing (yoga mats, cushions and pillows are provided), you can bring your own drum or instruments
Doors open: 15 min. before start, via main entrance (streetside)
Contact: via (preferably) or +32488473033
Adress: Brugstraat 30, 3740 Bilzen


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