Silent meditation retreat mongolian monastery

This silent meditation retreat magnifies the experience of mastering our awareness, detoxing mind, getting broader perspective, developing higher (visual and audio) perception, improving efficiency with time and mobility in peace. Practise simple, but profound meditations on the natural clarity of our awareness and cultivate inner peace at a unique sacred Mongolian monastery.

“Explore the sound of Silence”

Program: Silent meditation and half fasting healing retreat in Sacred Monastery in Mongolia
– Silent moment until 4PM
– Joining the daily mantra in the monastery
– Shamanic ritual and chanting
– Daily silent walk
– Stay in Mongolian Ger (Yurt) on top of the mountain and in the middle of forest
– Vegetarian food

Practical information:
Guides: Trip guided by Windhorse shaman and local high lama
Price: EUR 1290 (Include: Transportation during the trip)
Registration: until august 12, 2019
Dates: september 1-11 or 18-28, 2019
Language: Mongolian and English


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