Ashtanga Yoga

Welcome to the Asthanga Yoga class of Mara Lugeni from Italy. During 1 hour 15 min. she will guide your active ashtanga yoga class on monday evening from 18h until 19h15. The level will be adjusted to the yoga students who will be joining.

Yoga students who would like to come more often can benefit from special reduction prices. 40 EUR/month for 1 class a week or 65 EUR/month for all classes on monday and tuesday.

Classes will take place in english.

About Mara
Mara started practicing Yoga in Vicenza (Italy) in year 2014.
Her path towards this discipline was initially focused on a physical approach. Realizing then that there is a lot more to discover beyond physical postures, she began to practice and study Ashtanga Yoga, also called The Yoga of the Breath.
Day after day she became more and more passionate about this practice, which radically changed her life on and off the mat.
In 2016 Mara obtained an Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (200 YTT) in Goa (India).
After a period of selfstudy and intense practice, she started to teach in her hometown and to organize some seminars and Yoga retreats.
She also started to teach Yoga to children and kids.
She continues to keep her practice up to date by attending seminars, workshops and retreats and, since 2016, Mara has been going to India (Goa, Kovalam- with Lino Miele, Mysore- with Vijay Kumar) every year to keep her contact deeply rooted with the land of origin of Yoga, where she has the opportunity to deepen techniques of Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Vedic Chants and study other sacred texts.
In May 2019 she obtained the first level USUI REIKI RYOHO certificate, in Vicenza.
In October 2019 she finished her first year of NATUROPATHY studies, in Florence.
In December 2019 Mara also obtained a diploma of THAI MASSAGE in Mysore (India) to increase the knowhow oriented to the physical benefits of her students.
Now she is living in Riemst (Belgium), where she is developing a project to share her knowledge and experience and to spread the seeds of this enlighting disciplines and lifestyle.

Practical information:
Price: EUR 12 (per session); 40 EUR/month (1 class/week)
Subscribe: Get subscribed by clicking on the “Submit” button (upper right).
Payment: Cash
Level: Beginners, advanced: everyone can hop on anytime
Facilities: Changing room, Floor heating, Free Lounge & Tea Corner. Because of reasons of hygiene we – temporarily – request to bring own yoga mats & blankets. If you don’t have your own yoga mat, please bring a towl to cover the ones that you can use from Zennergi. Thank you in advance.
Required: Easy clothing (yogamats, blankets & cushions are provided)
Open Doors: 15 min. before start classe via main entrance (streetside); entering without ringing
Suggestion: if possible no meals until 1 hour before the session for optimal effect.
Parking: See Contact
Important: You are the master of your body, no one else. Please inform the teacher in case of injuries.


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