The Illumination of the Healers Mind

O-Hey-O Friends,

Welcome to the “The Illumination of the Healers Mind”. During this 3 day intensive for professional healers I will share advanced knowledge of the spiritual light healer.

The upcoming gathering for the rituals of healing light frequencies will be the beginning series that will be synchronized with the Age of the Awakened Mind of the Earth. Because of the advanced nature of this knowledge this gathering is best suited for all working healers, therapists, healthcare practitioners that have their own practice, and Shamanic and Spiritual Healers.

The rituals will be following the ancient and universal knowledge of healing with the physical Lightbody of the Healer. From ancient times these rituals are known as:

The opening of the Wings of Perception
The Quiet Mind and Crystal Mind of the Healer
The alignment of the purity of primal universal light
The wheel of material and nonmaterial healing light frequencies a
nd the rituals of the illuminated mind of the Healer

Well you can see that this is going to be not only fascinating but intensive as well. Also so you can enjoy yourself, it’s a good idea to be well rested before you join the three days.

Just a note: These three days are not intended for beginning healers or those seeking personal healing.

So please feel welcome friends and I will be looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming rituals.


Many Bright Blessings,

Chief Dancing Thunder


Praktische informatie:
Teacher: Chief Dancing Thunder
: EUR 450 (excl. lunch)
Betaling: cash
Data: 27-29 november
Deelnemers: Min: 10– Max 19
Start: +- 10u – 19u
Taal: Engels
Inschrijven: rechtsboven via “inschrijven” of
Contact: via (bij voorkeur) or +32488473033
Adres: KC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, Nederland

The Illumination of the Healers Mind


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