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Silent meditation retreat in Mongolian monastery

September 2019: This silent meditation retreat magnifies the experience of mastering our awareness, detoxing mind, getting broader perspective, developing higher (visual and audio) perception, improving efficiency with time and mobility in peace. Practise simple, but profound meditations on the natural clarity of our awareness and cultivate inner peace at a unique sacred Mongolian monastery.

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White Birch Tree Sap Healing Retreat in Mongolia

May 3-13, 2019: One of the greatest ways to revitalise your mind and body is through the life changing white birth sap healing retreat in Mongolia. Thousands of kilometers of white birch tree forests provide an incredible scenery filled with this unique living drink. During this 13 day inner journey Altai Shaman Bulgan will guide you on this deep detox with her teachings, shamanic rituals and knowledge of this high energy source drink.

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Sand healing in Gobi desert

July 31-August 13, 2019: Explore the magnificance of Mongolia, one of earth’s most wonderful and natural places. During this special healing trip to the Gobi Desert we experience the transformational power of the Sand Mountain where shamanic rituals, silent walks in the nature and daily detox sessions with the sand will give us a new start in life. Mongolian Altai Shaman Bulgan will guide you on this unique and life changing experience.

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