Illuminated code of the light healer

During the “Illuminated code of the light healer” Chief Dancing Thunder will share with you advanced knowledge and ceremonies of the spiritual light healer. Because of the advanced nature of this knowledge this gathering is best suited for all working healers, therapists, healthcare practitioners that have their own practice, and shamanic and spiritual healers.

This gathering is part of a longterm series of 6 meetings with the purpose of awakening the healers in this great time of awakening. This period is also marked as the “age of the healer”. If you are called to this awakened path of the healer you can join this program at any time. Every meeting is designed such that you can step in at any time and follow the knowledge and ceremonies from that point on. So if you miss a meeting, you can join the next one.

The rituals will be following the ancient and universal knowledge of healing with the physical Lightbody of the Healer. This is going to be not only fascinating but intensive as well. Also so you can enjoy yourself, it’s a good idea to be well rested before you join the three days.

Just a note: These three days are not intended for beginning healers or those seeking personal healing.

Next gatherings scheduled in 2022:

  • May 19-22: Extension The Etheric mind of the light healer (only for those who attended one of the previous weekends)


Practical information:
Teacher: Chief Dancing Thunder
: EUR 600 (excl. lunch)
Payment: cash
Participants: Min: 14
Start: +- 10h – 19h
Language: English
Submit: via submit or
Contact: via (preferably) or +32488473033
Address: KC, Kanaalstraat 10, Purmerend, The Netherlands


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